Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Better late than never..."

Umm, yeah, librarian come lately hasn't posted in a while. Sorry about that! Been a little side-tracked ording books & the like. I know, I know, poor me! In any event, feel free to keep an eye on those shelves for in-incoming, crisp new titles to read.

And, speaking of...

Last night, I hunkered down & devoured Sherman Alexie's "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian..."

If you're not on the hold list for this one already, put yourself on it, like, yesterday!

Yes, it's really that good! :)

On an unrelated note...

When it comes to country music, I readily admit to being a complete illiterate. Seems to me, however, that I've heard at least some of you confess to being a fan. So, help me out here, please?! Which artists &/or bands should I be ordering in order to best beef up our CD selection? In other words, who's hot, and who's not? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Last, but not least, looking forward to a wow-zer book discussion this Wed (that'd be Jan. 30) same time, same place--and hopefully, tuning in for some sage advice on the subject of summer reading.