Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vampire Bites

Ok, gals (& guys?) I finally finished up my rather belated devouring of Breaking Dawn, and the verdict is...
I have to be honest...
One thumbs up--&, yes, one thumbs down
(I can hear you yelling now, but as someone once said, "honesty is the best policy," right? :)
What I liked:
  1. Bella kicked b*tt
  2. She didn't eat her dad
  3. She got to "keep" both her boys
  4. She's matured (no more whining!)
  5. But, above all, as always, our dear Edward :)

What I didn't:

  1. It all seemed to wrap up a tad too neatly
  2. The whole weird Jacob middle book thing
  3. That even weirder sci fi Rosemary's Baby thing (creepy gross!)

Still, it was grand to hang with the Cullen crew & friends again--can't beat that!

Your turn--time to comment away!

P.S. Have fun at school Tuesday! :)


lauren said...

i dont think i liked the book at all, personally, i think there should have been a fight at the end... (yes, this is one of those times when an author HAS to kill some of her characters...) and the whole baby thing was weird... all in all, the saga should have stayed a trilogy... but thats my opinion... abbey WILL disagree with me... teehee

Abbey said...

she said it wrapped up neatly cuz otherwise she wudve pulled a Hamlet--killing 90% of the charcters! she sed its like in the book...i 4get the name...the one that Alice tore the first page out of! In that one everyone thinks every1s gonna die, then no one does. and jacobs part was funny, and u kno how much i hated jacob! i love him now tho!!! and the titles of his chapters were by far the best of the series!!!!!

library lady said...

Abbey luvs Jacob?! Now, that's a first! Personally, I've always had a soft spot for him (so warm & cuddly!) as I've always been an animal lover (smile). Edward's just so cool...

Don't be mad Abbey, but I'm pleased to hear Lauren's assessment. I was feeling almost guilty and expecting the beat down!

Looking forward to dishing in person when Teen Group resumes in a few!