Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello, Anybody Out There?

So, our first knitting group was a tad on the small side, but nevertheless a simply smashing success! FYI: I expect to see the rest of you @ our next meeting on
Wed. Dec. 10th
(yes, DECEMBER!!! can you believe it???)
No meeting next week courtesy of turkey day (I'll feel sorry for them as the rest you u eat 'em), then after that, the little people take over for Crafty Kid fun.
HOWEVER, please note that a personal invitation has been extended specifically to Teen Group members who would like to volunteer--open "shifts" include
Tues 12/2, 3:30-5
Wed 12/3, 3:30-5
(your favorite teen librarian will be there!)
Thurs. 12/4, 2-4PM
We know you have class, so no show / no mad. :)
FYI: Haven't seen Twilight yet, so not a word people--not yet!


Abbey said...

I'm sorry about the knitting thing!!!!!!!! I wanted to come really really badly but my family was going 2 this movie night thing for skool and I didn't hav a ride home!!!! I'm sry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

library lady said...

No worries--all is forgiven. We'll just look forward to u showing us your stuff next time around.