Friday, March 20, 2009

And to my fellow geek(s)

The librarian requests that a sweet fellow geek out there,
(who shall out of respect remain anonymous...)
**but U know who you are!**
Kindly return the following materials:
"Fat Hoochie Prom Queen"
"My Lost and Found Life" &
"Live and Let Shop"
And, might I suggest that you do so
this Wed. 3/25 @ 4:45 PM--
Just in time for TEEN GROUP!
I've got Twizzlers...


Abbey said...

I'm horrible! I JUST finished Fat Hoochie Prom Queen (which, though slightly inappropriate, was hilarious!), and I'll try to finish Live and Let Shop by Wednesday. I didn't read My Lost and Found Life--I'll have to save it for some other time! I have quite a few books out right now, and school has started picking up the pace on the homework front.
Oh, and sorry we missed the meeting last week! Lauren and I were at a math meet, and I got 3rd place! Woot! lol But we (at least I) will be there this wednesday! Cya then!

library lady said...

A Math Meet? Most definitely impressed! See ya this afternoon!