Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Reading Reminders

Greetings my fellow book loving
(but non-blogging) readers--
what I wouldn't give for just 1 or 2 reviews...
Maybe you'll give me the live version?
FINAL Teen Gaming of the Summer!!!
WED. 7/29, 3-5 PM
(& last one til late Sept...)
FYI: Saturday 8/8/2009 is the last day to turn in reading raffle tickets,
extra challenge slips, and book reviews, so ya best stop in!
Recommended Read for u Guitar Hero Girls:
Tempo Change by Barbara Hall
(Yep,total cheese, but in a most pleasant way!)


Anonymous said...

I attended the previous game time and had fun playing the Wii games, in particular golf and bowling, so I plan to attend the gaming time today.

Abbey said...

Sry i missed today! But here are some of my recent reviews:
Ivy: weird. not what i was expecting at all. **1/2 stars
Graceling: Amazing! I loved Po! AND I love a girl who kicks butt. Though I wasn't quite satisfied with the ending.
What Happens Here: Really good. It was realistic, though most people wouldn't consider the tragedy Chloe faces 'realistic'.

hope this can help make up for my absence (and recent silence.) hope to share more reviews in person soon! :)

library lady said...

Can't say that I'm a fan of golf--Wii or otherwise (especially otherwise!) but I do dig the bowling. Maybe we can compete someday... :)

library lady said...

And, as for you, Miss Abbey--all is forgiven. Nothing to forgive actually, so... :)

I am, however, thrilled for such a nice, concise, & intriguing whirlwind of reviews. Keep 'em coming! Personally loved "Graceling", was too creeped out by the cover of "Ivy" to ever check it out, and cannot, for the life of me, remember if I've read "What Happens Here." Hmmm...

Abbey said...

I just finished The Summer I Turned Pretty. It was really, really good. Somewhat cheesy, but in a good way. IT was the perfect summer book. :)
I also just finished Audrey, Wait!. That book was awesome! It made me laugh out loud.

library lady said...

I've heard really good things about "Audrey, Wait," & have been meaning to give it a whirl. Muchos gracias for the friendly reminder! Nothing like a good ol laugh aloud!