Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teen Group Tomorrow!

Hello! My apologies for the extended silence from this end. I've had a busy spring break not working much. (I did, however, accompany my brother for the adoption of his new dog--then got to doggie-sit! Too fun (& talk about good exercise!).

Don't forget Teen Group tomorrow. Should be extra fun 'cuz unless I hear otherwise, we've got a special guest planned--an artsy one who will share a few creative how-to's.

(I'll also tell ya all about my new canine love, if you're interested!) :)

See ya then!


Abbey said...

Mark was his name rite? He was so talented! I cant wait to make journals!!!

library lady said...

Yep, his name is Mark, and you'll occasionally see him at the reference desk. :) And, I know, I can't wait either. Maybe some of that artistic talent will rub off on me! :)