Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Henna Luv

In case you're curious...
HENNA: a dye that is made from the dried leaves and petioles of a plant (Lawsonia alba) & used in body art (source:
Henna @ the Library!!!
Thursday July 10th at 3:00 PM
Bring your friends--but remember--first come, first serve, with a "maximum capacity" of 30...
You'll leave adorned with beautifu body art, the chance to leaf through funky books, & a taste for tunes that hail from India...
In the meantime, keep those raffle tickets coming!
Currently on my audiobook playlist: Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson
For fans of tough, independent chicks, historical fiction
Also reading: The House of Dance by Beth Kephart
Reaction so far? A little depressingly uplifiting, but I'm inspired to take that dance class...
What are you reading???
See ya a week from tomorrow!!!!!!


Abbey said...

I cant wait! THough my guitar teacher just asked me 2 perform in a concert that day....but idk if im going 2 do it. I've mentioned what i've been reading. I finished When the Black Girl Sings, and I've started Dial L for Loser, the 6th Clique book. Those books r really good, 4 being about a bunch of 7th graders :P. I've finished 3 challenges 4 the extra challenge and iv turned in 4 raffle tickets so far. And if i want 2 match up 2 my 30 tix last year, i gotta get reading!

library lady said...

If you get there right around 3, you should be able to be near the front of the line! Is there anyway you could swing both...?

As for the reading, I have the utmost confidence in you. I'm also whipping up a list of "If you like Twilight..." reads, so perhaps that might help! I'll bring a few to the Henna bash for your consideration. I'll also post a few suggestions straight away!

Anonymous said...

I absoutley loved the henna.
It was great.