Saturday, June 13, 2009


So simple, it ought to be illegal.
Thankfully, it's not!

However, in honor of the summer sun,
We're going anti-goth--think beach reads.
To help get ya started, I've whipped up a short list
(u can also p/u a hard copy @ the library)

So, without further ado...

Suggested Hot Reads:

Alegria, Malin. Sofi Mendoza’s Guide
to getting Lost in Mexico YA F Alegria
Anderson, Jodi Lynn. Peaches YA F And
Baptiste, Tracey. Angel’s Grace YA F Bap
Bradbury, Jennifer. Shift YA F Bradbury
**Brooks, Kevin. Black Rabbit Summer YA F Brooks
**Calame, Don. Swim the Fly YA F Calame
Coleman, Evelyn. Born in Sin YA F Col
De La Cruz, Melissa. Fresh off the boat YA F Del
DuPrau, Jeanne. Car Trouble YA F Dup
Evans, Michael R. 68 Knots: A Novel YA F Evans
Frankel, Valerie. Fringe Benefits YA pb F
Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth. Confessions of a
Triple Shot Betty YA F Gehrman
**Green, John. An Abundance of Katherines YA F Gre
Griffin, Adele. My Almost Epic Summer YA F Gri
Harper, Suzanne. The Juliet Club YA F Harper
**Hartinger, Brent. Project Suite Life YA F Hartinge
Herbsman, Cheryl. Breathing Beautiful YA F Herbsman
**Howell, Simmone. Everything . YA F Howell
Johnson, Maureen. Girl at Sea YA F Johnson
Kerr, M.E. Someone like Summer YA F Kerr
Kidd, Ronald. Monkey town: A summer of the
Scopes Trial YA F Kid
Komaiko, Leah. Malibu Carmie YA F Kom
Levithan, David. Are We There Yet? YA F Lev
Lopez, Jack. In the Break YA pb L
**Lubar, David. Dunk YA F Lub
Lynch, Chris. The Big Game of Everything YA F Lynch
Nelson, Blake. They came From Below YA F Nelson
Perkins, Mitali. Monsoon Summer YA F Per
Placide, Jaira. Fresh Girl YA F Pla
**Reinhardt, Dana. How To build a House YA F Reinhard
Runyun, Brent. Surface Tension:
A Novel in Four Summers YA F Runyun
Smith, Charles R. Chameleon YA F Smith
Stevenson, Robin H. A Thousand Shades of blue YA pb S
Trueman, Terry. Hurricane YA F Trueman
Uhlig, Richard A. Last Dance at the Frosty Queen YA F Uhlig
Vivian, Siobhan. Same Difference YA F Siobhan
**Yoo, David. Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before YA F Yoo

NOTE: ** means I've read it, & most definitely recommend it!

So, go ahead, read, review, & get friends to do it too(more book bloggers = more fun!)

FYI: Other worthy Reading Raffle reads may also be discussed. :)


Abbey said...

I am shocked. I've only rad ONE of those books!!!!! Peaches, and it's amazing!

library lady said...

Well, now you've got a few suggestions--and I'll expect a few of your wonderful, enlightening reviews! :)

TAZ said...

This is awesome. These librarians spent most of their time on this for teens to read and enjoy different types of books that they have not read yet.

Abbey said...

of course!

Elizabeth said...

I just went to the library today and picked up all the summer reading materials. Why didn't you put any of the Twilight books on the list? (sob, sob) :) I got Becoming Chloe and Have to Have it (it's a nannies novel) has anybody read these? are they good? I don't know..I just get overwhelmed with book lists! (AND you can never find the books on there that sound good!)

Megan said...

Are there any other books that are not on this list that you recommend?

library lady said...

No "Twilight" cuz we're anti-goth, remember? :) Plus, you all know about it (& then some). You don't need me for that one! :)

Goofy Girl!

As for Becoming Chloe -- read it so long ago, but as I recall it was good. And, feel Free to refresh my memory. If u enjoy, u might also like "Defining Dulcie," "Jerk, California," "Desert Crossing," &
"13 Little Blue Envelopes." A few other fun road trip = discovery type reads. :)

Rachel said...

i havn't read any of the books on that list which is weird because i've read a lot of books. i just got the reading program stuff and there are soooo many books on those book lists. O and Defining Dulcie is a really good book.

library lady said...

It's not so weird--cuz luckily for us "read a lot of book" people, there's lots of books! I'm glad you liked Defining Dulcie. I really liked it too! I'll come up w/ a few more 'road trip' titles for u & post 'em to the blog.

Anonymous said...

i luv the book
Black Rabbit Summer by kb

i couldnt put the book doen and here i am gonna ruin your ending

sadsad ending
dont listen 2 the negative reviews read the book!!! <3 <3