Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry, my bad!

Life's little dramas have sorely cramped my reading style as of late
(hence, so much silence--sorry guys!)
but I did manage to squeeze in a few
that seem rather befittingly back to school...
Karma For Beginners by Jessica Blank
(Quite mature in content--consider yourself duly warned)
Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson
(I especially enjoyed the psych terms that preceded ea. chapter!)
Plus, my brand new reading chair
(or should i say throne?!)
is ready, set, go for fall's incoming delights
(Yes, I'm talking about Catching Fire!!!)
Also cool & on the horizon--
(I went ahead & ordered all 3, so we can check 'em out!)


aqtbenz said...

Louder Than Words looks so cool! Are they in the library system? I totally want to check them out!

library lady said...

At this exact moment, the books aren't listed in the catalog yet. But they should be very soon! The order was just placed, so hopefully we'll be able to find them in the catalog for placing holds shortly.