Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank You Summer Readers!

And, congratulations on a job well done!
Don't forget to stop in & pick-up your prizes
before u take off on those end-of-summer stayaways.
Now, if you're not booked out
(if there is such a thing...)
I've 2 great n groovy 1's for ya:
The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong
(kudos to my co-worker Ronda for "making" me read it!)
Meridian by Amber Kizer
(Digging it, absolutely digging it,
which is quite appropriate now
that I think of it...
You'll love 'em too--it's in the bag!


Abbey said...

Anna did u steal Jumping off Swings from me? I was the first hold, and it said it's already been checked out :P. I've barely started The Summoning, but it came to me highly recommended. do you know when we'll start meeting again?

library lady said...

Oh dear, I did steal "Jumping Off Swings!" I saw, simply had to have, and stole away. I tell ya what--I'll be working again tomorrow (Sat) and IF I can remember, I'll bring it in, & let you read it first. Alas, it wasn't the only item I took home. Some days I love my job! :)

Summoning--I really did dig it! :)

As for meetings, I have our 1st "Teen Talks" (nice new generic name!) down for Wed. Sept. 16 @ 4:30. Hope same day/time frame still works for u?

What else ya reading?

aqtbenz said...

That'll work! I moved guitar lessons to monday nights so that's perfect!

I LOVED The Summoning and The Awakening!!! I'm so excited for the final book, but it doesn't come out until May!!!

I started and finished Jumping Off Swings yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good. Way better than the last book I read about a pregnant girl.
I've just started Beastly, which is a modern-day telling of Beauty and the Beast, only from the Beast's perspective. To be honest, I only picked it out because I know they are making it into a movie and I'm in love with the guy they cast as the Beast. But I do love modern day fairy tales, so we'll see how it goes. I don't read many books from the guy perspective, so it'll be interesting.:)