Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breaking News! (Get it?)

"Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days." -- William Shakespeare
First, my apologies for such blogging infrequency. What can I say? Prepping for summer reading (& planning my own!!!) is fairly time consuming. My plan--to order tons of books for ya'all (and, admittedly me too). Unfortunately, I recently turned in a BIG pile of order cards, but totally spaced posting the titles for you. Oops, my bad. A few off the top of my head...
"Genius Squad" (sequel to "Evil Genius")
"Mercy on These Teenage Chimps" (a comedy, betcha could've guessed)
"Streams of Babel" (psychological thriller)
"Found" (sci fi / fantasy; time travel)
"Sunrise Over Fallujah" (war story by one of my fave writers)
"The Boy Who Dared" (fiction based on true holocaust events)
"Climbing the Stairs" (historical romance--ahh, love...)
"Down to the Bone" LGTB
"All I Know of Heaven" (best friend saga by local famous author!)
"Madapple" (murder, mayhem, & miracles--looks very, very intriguing)
"Cathy's Key" (sequel to Cathy's book)
"Fancy White Trash" (love story w/ a heroine named Abby!!! I call dibs!)
"Vampire Kisses"
...and lots, lots more, including a crop of vampiric lore to tide us over 'til Breaking Dawn...


Abbey said...

Fancy White Trash sounds awesum! N I cudnt find a description on CLimbing the Stairs, but the cover looks awesum!

library lady said...

I'm glad you like. Can't remember the specifics for Climbing the Stairs (other that it's a historical romance set in India) & that I thought it looked great too.

Fancy White Trash--makes my list (at least for the moment) of best titles in recent memory!