Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quick Hello & an FYI

"The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page." -- Anonymous
This'll be quick since it's getting near time to close up shop, but I wanted to say thanks! For what, you ask? Well, for laughing like mad in the stacks, and turning me onto Sue Limb's Girl, 15, Charming, but Insane & Girl, (nearly 16) and Absolute Torture. Listened to 'em both this week while conducting the morning wake up routine, which lessened the AM grumps quite considerably! :)
Also, a friendly reminder that we have a bi week on Teen Group this week (as in we won't meet @ our scheduled time) because we have that AWESOME book-making workshop coming up on Wed. May 14th. So, start sorting through those photos, poems, etc. now & prepare for some seriously creative scrapping! And, yes, the librarian will do likewise...Have a lovely weekend!


lauren said...

arent those books hilarious?!!!! do you know if there is going to be a third??

library lady said...

From what I understand, there's one called "Girl, Going on 17, Pants on Fire," as well as a prequel called "Girl, barely 15, Flirting for England." Have you read either of those? We have them both... :)

And, yes, they are absolutely fantastic. I even enjoyed the Brit accent on the CD's!