Friday, February 22, 2008

Books to Movies (Twilight!)

Ok guys, I finally gritted my teeth & scoped out the Twilight movie info., and I have to say that I just don't think I can do it (watch it, that is). Sooo not what I imagined...Much prefer to leave it to thy imagination--and let the Breaking Dawn experience remain untainted.

(At least ow I'm starting to understand why you're so disgruntled with that whole Eragon thing!)

Also, please don't forget the Teen Group meeting this Wednesday--same time, same place. We've got a few odds & ends to discuss (think cool program...) but no worries, we'll definitely book-talk! :)


lauren said...

the guy they casted to play Edward is so UGLY!!!!!!! (why? why? WHY?)

library lady said...

Maybe they think he looks "otherworldy and mysterious." Personally, none of 'em match the visions dancing in my head, but no matter who they picked, probably wouldn't have measured up. Hard to match perfection! :)

lauren said...

good point :)

Abbey said...

exactly my thoughts. i kinda like alice, emmett, n rosalie's ok, but i think carlisle n esme look to old. rnt they supposed 2 b like early to mid 20s?! they look like 40. n edward...i cant even talk about him. lets just say STRONG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! ill probably go c the movie neway, but it will hurt, just like eragon did. o well. btw, i read the 2 book club books n they were great!! i really want to read the next 2 in the Magic trilogy!

library lady said...

Yeah, I might cave and go see it too,'s TWILIGHT! Then again, maybe I'll be strong. Hard to say. If they mess with the story though...arg!

Glad to hear you like the books--and, yes, I agree, the Magic trilogy is great. Haven't had a chance to read Whiz kid yet, but I sure hope too. It looks like a lot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing y'all on Wed!

sara said...

They shouldn't make the movie. You can't cast someone like Edward! He's supposed to be perfect and the person they chose is NOT perfect!!