Friday, February 15, 2008

"Love Bytes" Bits (& more!)

Greetings All!

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to our (anti) Valentine's Day blow-out @ the library--and I hope that you had as grand of a time as I did. Never having dabbled much in the gaming world, I must confess--I could really get used to Wii bowling--the sheer bliss of one's own shoes!

(I wonder if I can convince my brother to buy one to go with his snazzy new big TV? Too fun!)But back to the program...It's just one of many upcoming fiestas for you gals & guys at the library, so keep me posted on what you'd like to do. (Don't suppose you'd be interested in more teen only game days???)

If you haven't yet picked up this month's book club picks, feel free to stop by the reference desk for a visit. You know we like to chat & we've got a few (lonely) yet-to-be-claimed copies.

Speaking of which, thanks to Lauren, we already have great upcoming read for March, which got me thinking...we should all take turns. It'd be a great way to learn about more wonderful books--not to make sure everything is fair and square.

Final word (for now): Remind me to pick your brains about the Kashmira Sheth author visit (& to show off her books). We librarian gals have a few ideas we'd like to run by the experts.

P.S. I finally visited Stephenie Meyer's website, and still, I can hardly believe it's true--looks like number 4 should be arriving in stores (and libraries!!!!) just in time for a certain librarian's birthday. Talk about a nicely timed present.


Abbey said...

The Love Bytes Bash was so awesome!!!! A lot more people came than I expected!!! It was sooo much fun!!

library lady said...

Good, I'm so glad that you had a good time. Hopefully, we'll keep up the wonderful work together & get the program ball rollin'. :)

Abbey said...

wut book did Lauren suggest?

library lady said...

"Stones from Morning Creek." Although since half our group appears to have already read it...Is that cheating?! :) Nah, I guess not--we haven't had the pleasure of discussing it yet, right? Besides, it's earned such high praise, I'm curious. Oh, and FYI: can't remember the author of "Stones" name at the moment, but I know that we recently added two of her titles to the collection, so if you haven't hit them yet, you might want to scope them out. If memory serves, one is called "Love, Cajun Style," and the other...I'm blanking, but there's snow on the cover (king of fitting, eh?).