Thursday, June 24, 2010

Verboten "Tattoos...Ooh la la!"

Wanna look x-tra hot 4 summer
(and have a lil' more sizzle on the 4th of July)?
DIY: Henna Body Art
Wednesday June 30th
3-5 PM
Note: This program is limited to 30 people
(grades 6-12 + ME)
So if you're heart's set on this one,
('cuz lockin' u out, oh I would hate!)
REMEMBER: Ink sets best if skin is clean, dry, and sans lotion,
so whatever u do, don't come straight from the pool! :)


aqtbenz said...

I won't be able to come until a little after 4! What are my chances of getting in????

library lady said...

Oh dear. Hmm...the deal is (suppose to be) that the door closes promptly @ 3:00, but you know I don't wanna lock you out. I am under strict (but friendly) orders to cap it at 30 teens, but if you wanna stop by for a quick pop & knock, I'll see what I can do (meaning: if there's room, we might be able to squeeze ya in). Sound fair? U know I want you there!