Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Summer! Need I Say More?

I'm a terrible teen librarian--at least when it comes to blogging these days.
(But, in my defense, it's been a while since last response.
Or, at least there was 'til a few days ago.
Then shazam! Oh, what a flurry!
Why? "Cuz its, summer, baby! :)
What does that mean...?
Well, for starters, I vow to post @ least once a week
(so keep that flurry a' comin'!)
If you haven't stopped for info on this year's
(new & improved, if I do say so myself!)
& here:
For your reading pleasure,
we've got:
Teen Reading Raffle
Teen Extra Challenge
Teen Writing Contest
So, stop by for more info--as well as some books!
All tickets / entries accepted begining
this Monday, June 21, 2010!
Go ahead, keep me busy (please?) :)

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